About us

The De Filippo farm borns in 2017, when Ilaria takes over centuries-old olive groves, first cultivated by her grandfather and then by her father. In fact, the De Filippo family has been in the olive sector for decades. After graduating in Rome, at the Sapienza University, Ilaria chooses to return to her land to take care of the family business, which consist of about 20 hectares and extends over the beautiful hill of the Crati Valley, in Tarsia, and in the Esaro Valley, in San Lorenzo del Vallo, in province of Cosenza.

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The De Filippo form is completely certified organic. The green cultivation implemented ensures that everything produced from the Earth returns to the Earth, through the water collection tank and the composting platform.

Our Business Philosofy

Produce an extra virgin olive oil through an organic cultivation and constant protection of the surrounding area. 

The product

The olive oil produced in our farm is exclusively organic extra virgin olive oil, grown without fertilizers or pesticides, but only through the compos obtained in the composting platform.

The olive harvest begins in the last 10 days of October, when the olives are still green, and ends in December with the olives at 70% veraison, thus obtaining a final product with a very low degree of acidity.

The harvested olives are then delivered to the family oil mill and pressed within 24 hours with a continuous cycle system and cold pressing for a very high quality product.